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21st July 2023  

Dear Members

As you are aware HSE NAS have issued proposals for Pay Modernisation and Transformation, in the National Ambulance Service.

(CLICK HERE to view/download for ease of Reference)

The NASRA Branch of the PNA have major concerns in relation to these proposals. Despite us been the 2nd largest representative body in NAS there has been no engagement with us in relation to this matter. We have written to NAS seeking urgent engagement on these proposals.

These proposals have veered away from a Roles and Responsibilities process that should have provided remuneration for advances in the ambulance services and the recognition of professionalism of the service.

It appears on review that this is more akin to a cost containment proposal than a recognition of advances in the service. These proposals not only coincide with but appear reflective of the Financial Control Framework 2023 issued by Mr Robert Morton on the 15th June 2023 (attached). We believe our current terms and conditions are being eroded and any proposals emanating from this process should have enhanced our terms and conditions.

We are very concerned that the figures provided are not a true reflection of the impact on members’ salaries presently and into the future. To this end we are engaging the services of an Actuary to ascertain the actual impact of the proposals on our members salaries.

As soon as we have received the report from the Actuary, we will update you on the matter.

If you have any queries, please contact your local representative.

Yours sincerely                              

Mr Peter Hughes 
General Secretary                                                             

Mr Tony Gregg
Branch Secretary